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Billy Bulletin Week 7 Online

As always, check out this week’s Billy Bulletin online here. This week includes an account of last week’s CUSU debate (SPOILER ALERT: we voted to stay in).

If you’re interested in helping out with Zoe and me on the Communications team and running the Goat Post, make sure to register your interest for Publications Officer with Alex! (

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JCR Publications Officer By-election

Wish you’d applied to be on the coolest committee in College? Well the position of Publications Officer has now become available and as a result we will be holding a by-election. You’ll act as Editor-in-Chief of the Goat Post (independent of JCR influence), help to maintain the noticeboards and oversee the Freshers’ Handbook etc.

For more information or if you’d like to run just let Alex know ( The nominations will be open for a week (closing on Monday 2nd at 5pm) following which we will conduct hustings and have a vote.

Latest edition of the Goat Post coming soon!

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Housing Ballot!

The updated housing ballot rules are online here.

The headline change is that the ballot will be over three days. For more detail, please read the rules.

Ballot forms (which should have appeared in your pidges by now) MUST be handed in to the accommodation officer (either to her office by L staircase or to her pidge) by THIS Friday.

As a point of clarification, if you are a third year MML student on a year abroad (or indeed are a Fitz undergrad abroad for any other reason) you will receive another email. As a general reminder, those students who are abroad will ballot via email for their rooms when they return. Students will not be able to ballot the year before they leave for their year abroad, for their room the year they come back.

Every day Damiano is going to send out a resume’ of any general questions that have been asked the day before. PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ THE BITS IN BOLD (at least) as they will indicate whether a section is relevant to you.

Remember to read the guidelines before contacting Damiano with your questions!

Today’s answers:

Firstly, to all third years can I stress that it is only those with confirmed fourth years that will be be eligible to be put into the housing ballot. If your fourth year is not confirmed through the tutorial office then you cannot enter. I will take the time to underline to 3rd year NatScis: from what I understand your fourth year is “all but confirmed”, “practically certain” etc. I am really sorry, but this does put you in the category of ‘unconfirmed’. As such, you will not be able to ballot within this round. An example of a third year who can ballot is a classicist who is on a four-year course. Hopefully this clarifies the query. In case you also want an explanation – as to why some years you ballot in this ballot, and in others (like this year) you do not – the reason is when the accommodation office know when certain rooms become available.

Secondly, to all those who cannot be in college during the weekend, the rule is that you nominate a proxy. When choosing a proxy can I STRONGLY suggest that you make sure that they know the answers to the following questions so they can choose in a way to best represent your interests:
1. How much you can afford to pay?
2. Who you would accept being pulled up to live with?
3. Who you would pull where possible?
4. Are your priorities living with friends, having a shower, having a larger room etc.
5. Would you rather live in college or in a corridor?

Finally, your time slots will be allocated, electronically after the ballot order has been drawn and you will receive an email with the link to that document.

Please do get in touch, if there are any other problems…..

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Voter Registration (Today)

As you’ve probably heard there’s been a major fall in the numbers of those eligible to vote because the way voters register has changed. Whereas previously the task of registering to vote was left to one person from every household or completed by College, Individual Voter Registration (which became law in 2009) requires UK citizens to register individually.

The Cambridge University Voter Registration Committee are trying to get as many students registered as possible (this needs to be done before the end of Lent term) and as a result they will be outside the buttery TODAY from 6pm – 7pm manning a stall with information about how to register. You’ll also be able to register there and then but you’ll need your national insurance number.

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As you’re hopefully aware, Fitz debated CUSU disaffiliation on Saturday, with CUSU president Helen Hoogewerf McComb speaking against disaffiliation and our own Vice-President Damiano Sogaro speaking for. At the end of the debate, a vote was taken between all undergraduates present, and the decision was made that there is no need to go to a referendum, so strong was the case to remain affiliated to CUSU. There are still documents available for you to assess our decision on our CUSU page, however many other things were discussed in the meeting (including the removal of any financial incentive by the revelation that we can massively reduce our Sky subscription price by subscribing through CUSU). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Keep your eyes peeled for an account of the debate in “A Song of Ice and Fitz” in the Billy Bulletin later this week!

After the CUSU debate, there was the usual weekly committee meeting (full committee this week). You can find the minutes here.

The Executive Comittee Meeting next week is currently scheduled for Saturday at the earlier time of 17:00.

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Women’s Day (Saturday) and Disabled Students Campaign (Wednesday)

Cambridge Women Speak Out At Fitz: Fitz celebrates International Women’s day this weekend with a photo campaign with the Cambridge Women Speak Out Campaign. A photo shoot will be held in college, inviting all the Fitz Females to be photographed with women issues written on them. Show your support for the campaign by coming to the shoot, this SATURDAY at 3.30 PM – 5.30 PM. Ushers will be outside the Buttery directing you to the shoot. All you need to do is show up!
For more information, email Titi Odusanwo

See what the campaign has done so far here. Also, find the Facebook event here.
Photos will be displayed at the Grand Exhibition at the Michaelhouse Cafe, Trinity Street, CB2 1SU Cambridge, Cambridgeshire on the 8th March, 7-9 PM :

Then on Wednesday at 7pm (probably in Wolfson College) there is the first open meeting of the Disabled Students’ Campaign; Any students who self-define as disabled are automatically members and welcome to attend and contribute. Here’s the event page.

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Fairtrade Superhall! 6th March

Come join us on the 6th of March to celebrate the end of fair-trade fortnight with the annual fairtrade formal.

The theme this year is anything beginning with the letters F or T e.g. frog/thunder so get imaginative! We will be in the bar beforehand with face paints for those who are in need of a helping hand.

The speaker Barbara Crowther, Director of Policy and Public Affairs at the fairtrade cooperation will be giving a speech at a point during the meal about how students can have an impact on fairer trade. The food will be all vegetarian to support the decreased consumption of meat for environmental reasons.

The housing ballot will be drawn directly after the formal so come have a bottle of wine and a good time in the name of fairtrade before you head to the bar to discover your fate.


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