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Billy Bulletin Week 2 now online

The latest Billy Bulletin is now available to view here. “A Song of Ice and Fitz” begins in earnest, with a brief account of the first council meeting (the intrigue begins already… when will the plots and treason?), and the usual goings-on are reported in “A View from the ‘Bridge”, including some auditions and job opportunities for May Balls. The Bursar shares his thoughts in “Nanny State”.

Bulletin 2

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Minutes from the first 2015 JCR meeting

We sneakily had our first JCR meeting on Saturday to get the ball rolling – don’t worry, they will be publicised in future if you’re interested. If you’d like to see the minutes from the meeting, they have been uploaded here. Items discussed include the ongoing development of the new JCR room itself (Walter Graves Room), the plans for international vacation storage, the state of college rooms and a new-look JCR website…

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Billy Bulletin Week 1

The first of Lent’s Billy Bulletins is now available here!

This includes an introduction to the Small Council of Fitzeros (known to some as the JCR committee) and a chat with Head Porter John Eisold, as well as the usual collection of opportunities for places to work, clubs to join, things to see and all sorts of other diversions for you.


Bulletin 1


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