Here's a run down on the Fitz JCR team for 2020. Please check out our pages on the website for more information and use the contact form here to quickly and easily get in touch with us about anything on your mind. Below, you'll also find each officer's manifesto that they delivered at hustings.


President - Andrew Salkeld

Hi! I'm Andrew, a 2nd year Engineer and the President of Fitzwilliam College JCR. Besides this, I am a cyclist for the University and a rower and coach within College.

As President, my role is to lead the JCR to its aims, and I spend most of my time as the interface between the JCR, students and the College, sitting on various committees and meeting College staff regularly. Particular areas of work include the rent negotiation, guiding College's refurbishment plans, an advisory role on the Winter Ball committee, and improvements in the welfare support given by College.

If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions or complaints, please message me in confidence (


Vice President - Apriya Millan

Hi! I’m Apriya, a second year medic and I’m the Vice President of this year’s JCR Committee. A bit about me, aside from being on the Fitzwilliam JCR, I am on the Cambridge Women in Science Society Committee and have recently taken up rugby recreationally. 

My main jobs this year are to organise the housing and room ballots, as well as the college family system. Further to this, I sit on both the Governing Body Committee and General Purposes Committee, as well as represent the JCR on the Fitzwilliam 2020 Winter Ball Committee. I, of course, will also help our President, Andrew, to carry out his various duties as well as work with all the other Exec and Sub-Committee teams to ensure the smooth running of life here at Fitz. 

I am so excited to be working with the incredible and talented group of individuals that we have on this year’s JCR and if anyone has any questions, ideas or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me at /!


Treasurer - Mayuran Visakan

Hi, I’m Mayuran and I’m a first year mathmo. I’m the Treasurer for the JCR and my responsibilities involve managing and delegating our budget for the year, sorting reimbursements, pitching for the initial budget and helping Andrew (president) with rent negotiations. I will be making the budget available for members of fitz to view in order to maintain transparency. Please do contact me at if you have any information or advice!



Male Welfare Executive - Tom Noden

Hi I’m Tom, a first year HSPS student, an FCBC cox, Idles enthusiast and one of the Welfare Executive Officers this year!

It is my job to ensure that all students have a healthy and happy time here at Fitz. Student welfare must be central to every single action taken by the college. Beth, the Welfare Sub-Committee and I are very excited for the year ahead, with a number of fantastic events and talks in the pipeline! We will work hard to make sure that all of our manifesto pledges are enacted. Seeing that students are having an enjoyable time here will bring me an immense sense of satisfaction! Please do not hesitate to contact me, or stop me around college. I am always willing to listen. 

Please do get in touch with any questions or suggestions via email:


Female Welfare Executive - Beth Brown


I’m Beth, one of the Welfare Executive Officers on the JCR this year. I’m also a second year medic that plays a little bit of football for the Fitz Corpus Womens Football Team. My aim is to ensure everyone has the information they need to be able to access the right resources and to make welfare a more obvious part of people’s everyday lives throughout the year. Tom and I hope to do this by putting on lots of fun Welfare events and talks whilst also being friendly, approachable faces around college. A lot of the job is also going to be ensuring that all the liberation officers feel supported so that everyone can achieve all that they hope to throughout the coming year! 

If anyone has any questions or just want a chat, please feel free to email me at Alternatively, I can usually be found in the cafe drinking a flat white 😊😊😊


BME Officer - Tolu Mustapha, Leona Kouame

My name is Tolu, I’m a first-year Law student, and I am one of your BME Officers this year. I'm responsible for helping to voice the concerns of BME students and generally making sure that their experience at Fitzwilliam College is enjoyable. As well as organising social events and talks for current BME students, I will also be running outreach initiatives such as the Fitz BME Taster Day in order to improve diversity at the University. On top of this, I will work with other BME Officers and University staff to help tackle some of the structural issues at Cambridge. Feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions!

Hey! I'm Leona and I'm a first-year HSPS student. I will be working with Tolu in the role of BME officer this year and my primary aim is to ensure that we have a solid community of BME students at Fitzwilliam and across the university that feel supported. We will be doing this by working with a variety of cultural societies, organising small events like chills but also larger discussion events and showcases of BME talent. I am incredibly passionate about making every BME student feel included and to do so I hope that we will work with other JCR officers so that every event has you in mind! 

If you have any ideas or queries feel free to email me (lr503). 


Women's and Non-Binary Officer - Alex Jarvis

Hi! I'm Alex, and I'm your Women's and Non-Binary Officer for 2020. I'm a first year MML student (French and Russian), and, aside from being on the JCR, I row with college, play uni korfball, and fiendishly collect loyalty stamps in the café.

My aim is to support students, along with the welfare execs, and provide a friendly, approachable face around college. I'm so excited for this coming year; we have lots of events planned, and a fantastic team working to make them happen. My role involves coordinating with college on menstrual products, and any issue relating to women and non-binary individuals. This year, my role was split to create a new FemSoc president, who I'm working closely with to organise some fabulous talks over the terms. Make sure you look out for them!

Please do contact me (aej48) with any questions, problems or concerns you have!


International Officer - Stefan Vintila, Dana Skotarenko

Hi! We are Stefan and Dana both in the second year. We are representing the interests of international students in Fitz and are responsible for organization of events for international students. We are very passionate about the welfare of international students so feel free to contacts us!


Disabilities and Mental Illness Officer - Cerian Craske

Hi! I’m Cerian, a second year English student, and I’m your Disabilities and Mental Illness Officer this year. I’m hoping to make sure college and all the events that take place in it are as accessible as possible over the course of this year. I’ll also be running Disability Socials each term where I’d love to see as many people as possible. Keep an eye out on the Official Fitz group for radar keys which we’ll be providing this year, and also for any events run by the Welfare Team or by CUSU.

If you want help with access issues, reasonable adjustments, or have any questions at all, feel free to drop me a Facebook message or email me at or 🙂


LGBT+ Officer - Maisie Matthews

Hi, I’m Maisie, the Fitz LGBT+ officer! I’m here to make sure Fitz has the most inclusive and supportive environment possible for LGBT+ students, so all members of the college feel safe and comfortable. I’ll also be planning events in college throughout the year, from welfare tea to bops! I’m here for support and advice for anyone who might be LGBT+ or questioning, so if you ever want to raise an issue, suggest any changes within college, or just talk, I’ll be here to listen😊

If you want to get in touch, feel free to send me an email or a message on Facebook!

- Maisie Matthews –


Class Act Officer - Kirstie Goodchild

Hello! I am Kirstie, your JCR Class Act Officer for 2020!

I am a First Generation student from Keighley, West Yorkshire and am currently a second year Psychological and Behavioural Scientist.

As Class Act Officer, I aim to improve welfare and access at Fitz for all Class Act students. The Class Act campaign aims to support people at Cambridge from underrepresented backgrounds, such as estranged students, care leavers, young carers, first generation students, working class students, low income students and State-Comprehensive school educated students. My plans as Class Act Officer are to implement ideas from my manifesto and from a recent survey I conducted that was filled out by Fitz Class Act students. These ideas include to organise more socials, a Class Act formal and cooking scheme, and a map to encourage students to visit their old schools and promote Oxbridge to them. 

I am committed to making Fitz an even more welcoming space for all Class Act students, and look forward to making a difference in 2020!

Billy Love,

Feel free to email me at with any questions/ideas or fill in the survey here.


Target and Access

Target and Access Executive - Jack Bailey

Hi! I'm Jack, a 2nd year Lawyer and I'm the Target and Access Executive of this year's JCR committee. Other than this, I take part in the College's Debating Society and can often be found wasting far too much time playing pool!

My main role as the T&A Exec is to promote access to Cambridge, especially Fitz! Fitz was established with an access mission, so access is at the core of the College's work and existence. I also support our existing access students, and I am responsible for the College's Shadowing Scheme as well as the students we get on the CUSU Shadowing Scheme. This year's T&A committee is planning to hold many outreach and access events, and hopes to collaborate with our Welfare teams to deliver sessions such as Imposter Syndrome Talks, BME Open Days, and Disability Access events. Fitz can be a home to anyone and it's our job to show people this. 

I'm incredibly excited to see all of the good work that this year's JCR will do, and am looking forward to working with all of our fantastic Execs and Officers over the next year! If you have any ideas, questions or suggestions, then you can always contact me on Facebook or through my emails ( /!


Access Subcomm - Ayan Addow, Tami Briggs

Hi, I'm Ayan and I am a first year Psychological and Behavioural Sciences student. Within the JCR, my role is Target and Access Officer, meaning that I work closely with the college to improve access for all types of students. Within the year 2020, the Target and Acess subcom aim to introduce mandatory imposter syndrome talks, whilst also organising outreach events at schools within the colleges target areas(Cumbria, Cheshire and Hammersmith and Fulham). I am commited to making Fitzwilliam College accessible to everyone and am looking forward to future students experiencing Billy love!!

If you have any ideas regarding how to improve access within Fitzwilliam College, please do not hesitate to email me at

Hi, I'm Tami and I am a first year Human, Social and Political Sciences student. I am the current Target and Access Officer. I am a part of the Targer and Access subcommittee and we are responsible for organising outreach and access events among other things. This year we hope to organise Cambridge workshops within different schools, organise the Fitzwilliam Shadowing Scheme, hold an Access forum, organise T & A drop in sessions and improve the Fitzwilliam website. My biggest aim is for prospective students to have multiple opportunities to engage with the College and see that they can make a home at Fitzwilliam College.

If you have any ideas or questions contact me at


Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs Executive - Priya Kaler

Hi everyone! I’m Priya, I’m a second year English student and I’m excited to be Academic Affairs Executive on the JCR this year. I want to scrap the scholars ballot, get recycling bins in the library, and organise a post-exams celebration for students, among other things. If you have any academic concerns, or ideas for how academic life at Fitz can be improved, please do not hesistate to message me on Facebook or email me at my JCR email address. 


Ethical Affairs

Ethical Affairs Executive - Alexandra Nikolin

Hi I'm Alex, a second year Bio Natsci, and your Ethical Affair Exec this year! I plan to have a greater variety of charity events throughout the year around college, as well as continuing green schemes like composting and raising awareness of environmental issues. 

If you have any suggestions or questions please feel free to message me on Facebook or email me (an549/ethical affairs email).


Charities Officer - Hebe Robinson

Hi! I'm Hebe, a second year Law student, and I'm your Charities Officer. This year I'll be running a number of new charity events, and getting college involved in supporting a variety of causes.

Please let me know if you have any fundraising ideas via facebook or email ( or


Green Officer - Ellie Fox, Tomas Andre

Hi! We are Ellie and Tom and we’re both second year Geography students. As Green Officers this year, we hope to create a friendly and engaged green community here at Fitz.

This year we’ll be working to make changes within college such as to the food offered in the buttery and fighting for continued improvements towards divestment by the college.

We’ll also be organising fun events to promote a greener lifestyle such as a clothes swap and Vegan Potluck, as well as inviting speakers for a broader discussion about environmental issues.

Day to day, we’re of course here for any questions you may have and encourage everyone to get involved! You can contact us at and


Services Officer - Etien Jasonson

I'm Etien, your Services Officer for this academic year and a second year HSPS student. My role covers laundry, accommodation and food and drink at Fitz. I believe that effective and efficient service provision which works for the entire student body is central to a healthy, sustainable and sociable ethos in college. This year I'll be trying to tackle some ethical and welfare issues that fall under the services remit (see my manifesto) and I also want to raise the general standards in all areas of services across college. Please feel free to get in touch with any suggestions for or complaints about service provision in college (eyj21) and I'll make sure they get heard.

Viva la traybake,
- Etien



Ents Executive - Ben Tudor

I'm Ben, a second year doing classics, and I'll be the Ents Exec for 2020. I was one of the Ents Officers last year and I'm looking forward to putting on another year of great events for everyone.

I'll be running Refreshers Week in January (stay tuned for ticket announcements!), various bops throughout Lent, and a couple of Fitz Sessions. Then I'll be in charge of the Freshers Week events, and we'll have a bigger timetable than ever for that.

Get in touch if you have any complaints, suggestions or requests for events. We're going to try to focus on making non-drinking events much better this year, so look out for Mario Kart, Bakeoff and various other events throughout the year.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy all the events we have planned for this year!


Ents Subcomm - Hassan Akhter, Daisy Green, Craig Stewart, Elizabeth Torley

I'm Craig, a second year Land Ec, and I'm one of the Ents Officers for 2020. I spend most of my time working on something in the ADC or playing hockey, and occasionally fit in some work for my degree. We'd really like to collaborate with students on what events to put on this year, so please do get in touch with any suggestions. 

I'm Elizabeth, a first year NatSci (Bio - the superior science!), and a Fitz Ents Officer. As well as organising new and exciting events, I try to ensure they're accessible to everyone, particularly considering food and drink options that fit most dietary needs: free food is always the driving force of most events! We are hopefully starting some new traditions this year with a Mario Kart competition - suggestions for new events are very welcome, and I encourage you to email us (or Facebook message tbh) with any ideas you have, no matter the scale.

I'm Hassan, a first year Econ student and a Fitz Ents Officer. I'm always out and about so feel free to talk to me about any suggestions for events you would like to see at Fitz this year. I would like to emphasise on more non-drinking events this year. We plan on putting on a few friendly tournaments (Fifa 20, Mario Kart, any other suggestions are welcome) and am interested to see who comes out on top!

I'm Daisy, a second year Archaeologist, and I'm part of the Ents Subcommittee this year. I dance several nights a week, whether at a class or in Fez; I'm also VP for the Winter Ball this year. 



Secretary & Communications Executive - Kesavan Sivanesan

My name is Kesavan and I'm a second-year Medic, I will be the JCR Secretary and Communications Exec for 2019/20. I'm responsible for keeping everyone up to date with the workings of the JCR; I will mainly be organising meetings and producing minutes. I also sit on the College Communications committee. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


Publications Officer - Joanna Neve

Hi! I’m Joanna, a second year geography student. As Publications Officer I’m tasked with creating the Goat Post Magazine and this year I’m also working on a new project - a naked calendar. 

So if you’ve got any ideas for the Goat Post, would like to have a go at designing, writing or editing, just drop me a message! I’m also seeking some brave student societies to pose naked, so expect some messages from me throughout the year.

Outside of the JCR you’ll find me studying Arabic, freelancing for a feminist mag in Cairo, flopping on the pole and lending my hand to life drawing. 

Any questions or suggestions, just drop me a message -


Website Officer - Daniel Carter

Hi, I'm Daniel, a second year Computer Scientist. I'm responsible for maintaining this website, as well as the online accounts which the JCR uses, and ensuring that they are useful and up-to-date resources for all students. I'm also responsible for running the technical side of the room ballot.

Please contact me if you have any questions, suggestions or comments regarding Fitz's online presence - it would be great to hear from you!


Sports and Societies

President of Sports and Societies - Jake Marshall

Hi, I'm Jake, a second-year Law student, the captain of the Fitz men's football team and a member of the Fitz Barbershop. 
As Sports and Socs President, I keep track of all the wonderful clubs Fitz has to offer, publicise their achievements as best I can, and can represent them at JMA meetings. So, if you want to find a society President, make a new society or gain funding for one, I'm the person to go to (although, I hope to update the noticeboard outside the buttery, as well as the relevant websites, for info on all this in Lent Term 2020). I will also have a role in allocating sports funding for University-level sportspeople, and will do all I can to help Fitz students to pursue their musical/sporting hobbies at Fitz, whether as part of a society or not. 
Feel free to message me on Facebook or email jcm208 if you have any questions or suggestions!


Vice President of Sports and Societies - Ted While

Hi, I'm Ted, a Second Year CompSci, Captain of the Mixed Netball team and a very questionable goalkeeper for Fitz IIIs.

My main duty as Vice President of Clubs and Societies is to assist the current president in whatever tasks they may need, this could include organizing the annual sports dinner, or helping with the allocation of funding. 

Since an update to the JMA Clubs and Societies standing orders is due, this role may change within the next year, it is likely to also include the responsibility of being the welfare officer for the committee, ensuring the welfare of all students playing sports or engaging in societies at Fitz.

Feel free to email me at if you need any help or have suggestions.


Gym Officers - Imogen Seago, Dana Skotarenko

Hi, we’re Dana and Imogen - your gym officers for this year! We look forward to keeping you updated on all things gym related and making sure the college gym is a comfortable environment for everyone. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions: